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Tough times make us tougher.

No business or person is untouched by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of us are dealing with: 

  • Kids at home (homeschooling and working? Fun!)

  • Reduced personnel due to layoffs

  • Anxiety around upcoming events

  • Major marketing budget cuts 

But you still have marketing projects...

...and you still have to market for the future.

I'd love to help you with that. 

But I'm here to remind you that people are still buying. Now, more than ever, people are looking for solutions and are turning to the internet looking for those. We provide services, products, and solutions that can truly help so many.

These packages are lower cost, but still full of value. While it may not include full web copy from scratch, you’ll still get my attention and expertise in what's created. When you work with a pro copywriter, it's an opportunity for you to discover the power of tightening your own copy — now and in the future. 

Even if you weren't much of an online business before, there's no better incentive than what you're experiencing now to get moving on improving your web presence in a big way. And if you did have a digital presence, there are always ways to ensure you're improving your conversion rate. 

Now is the perfect time to step back and look at your marketing to see what you can improve. Little tweaks can make all the difference. 

I now present...


These packages are as-is — so no proposal process needed! 


Here’s how they work, we'll: 

  1. Have a 15-minute discovery call to lock-in the details

  2. Pick a date (50% payment due to hold date, payment plans available)

  3. Write customer-converting copy! 

Want to Increase Traffic And Leads To Your Site? I Recommend: 


There's nothing better for me than sharing my secret sauce with clients — teaching them how to make Google happy with their website. SEO is a huge part of your success in climbing the Google ranks, especially on your blog. 

If your site isn't SEO optimized, you’re missing out on massive opportunities and sales. You want to be on the first page of Google to be right in front of your ideal customer ASAP. You can do this with your blog. Plus, your blog is a great way to fill your other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook with your content. 

What’s included in this package: 

  • Q+A + research - This helps me understand you and your brand so I can show you how to serve your clients best

  • Detailed audit - A comprehensive 2-3 page document of my recommendations

  • Call-To-Action - Suggestions for your last 20 posted blogs to increase customer interactions w/your brand

  • Review of 5 competitor sites - How can we do it better? I’ll find the gap. What can we add of value that your competition isn’t doing? This might include lead magnets, adding resources like FAQs, and more.

  • Keyword brainstorm and analysis - I'll offer recommendations for upgrading your last 20 posts, including meta titles, meta descriptions, headers and copy for content that could be performing better.

  • Blog content direction overview - I'll create a 3-month editorial calendar with SEO keyword recommendations and working titles for your blog to drive your continued blogging success!

Timeline & Investment:

Takes about 1 week, Investment is $799 



Need to Upgrade An Existing Email Series Or Write A New One? I Recommend:



Email is intimate. And if you've got an email list, remember that your customers need to hear from you — even in times of crisis! Whether you need to launch promos now or in the future, let's get your welcome email sequence written. 

In a time when brands need to stand out, getting into your ideal customer's inbox as soon as they hit "subscribe" for your newsletter is the way to keep their attention. In fact, welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate. They also see 3x the transactions + revenue per email over promo emails. 

Package options: 

Review and revise current email welcome sequence: $399 


Brand-spanking new 5 email package: $600 


Dependent on number of emails needed

It's not business as usual.


Not for you. Not for your competitor. Not for your customer. 

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